Continuous InkJet Printer

Small Characters Machine

UX Basic : UX-B160WG

UX Basic UX-B160WG
  • Enables user to Print Calendar, Count, Password or other messages and ensure product tracibility.
  • Print up to 1148 characters/second with maximum of 3 lines height.
  • Suitable for food, cosmetics , pharmaceuticals and other related industries.

UX Standard : UX-D160W

UX Standard UX-D160W
  • Enables user to experience the new print technology
  • Preferred model as widely used in various application from low to medium speed utilization.
  • Suitable for application such as, plastic cap, cartoon packaging, beverage can, plastic film or other related productsc film or other related products

UX Premium : UX-E160W

UX Premium UX-E160W
  • Hitachi UX Premium machine enables user to print Up to 2296 characters per second and large font characters Up to 36 x48 dots
  • Equipped with MakeUp vapor catch system designed to save up more consumables up to 50% compared to others
  • Suitable for company that concerns cost efficencies on production line

High-speed printing , Larger small-size characters , Micro characters

UX High Speed : UX-D150W

UX High Speed UX-D150W
  • Hitachi UX high speed machine enables user to print up to 3173 characters per second
  • Suitable for application high speed production application such as PET Bottle, Cable and Flexible Film

High-speed printing , Larger small-size characters , Micro characters

UX Larger small-size character : UX-D110W

UX Larger small-size character UX-D110W
  • Hitachi UX Larger small-sized character machine has 100micron nozzle to print 3-15mm characters
  • Suitable for Paper Bag, Carton Box and wood printing

High-speed printing , Larger small-size characters , Micro characters

UX Micro characters : UX-D140W

UX Micro characters UX-D140W
  • Hitachi UX micro character machine has 40micron nozzle and could print from 1-5mm characters
  • This Machine is suitable for micro sized printing material: PCB board, connector & wires
Thermal InkJet Printer

One Inch Thermal Ink Jet


  • Hitachi 1inch Thermal Ink Jet Printer enables user to print text, logo, barcode 1D, expiry date with high resolution printing
  • Suitable for most of printable surfaces such as: Flat, Curve (Pipe), Porous, Semi-Poros, Non Porous

Diverse Connection for Thermal Ink Jet Head


  • Hitachi Diverse conection controller box enables, user to control multiple printhead in single sequence
  • Features include printing 2D barcodes, real-time print online data with camera system and barcode scanner
  • Simple and intuitive operation. Stable operation with new cooling system
CO2 Laser Coder


  • Compact Single Body Design
  • Low Laser Power and Duty Cycle
  • Simple and Intuitive Operation


Blowing machine Spareparts

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