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Unique Injection Molding Systems Co., Ltd. is a professional PET preform system provider, serving complete manufacturing solution for customer.  Custom solutions are available to promote the efficiency, energy saving, user-friendliness, and environmental friendliness in the perform manufacturing industry.  Our complete product line includes injection molding machine with robot, PET perform mold, and auxiliary equipment such as drying system, dehumidifying system, chiller water system, air compressor, and conveyor etc..


Unique was found by a team of experts who are highly experienced in the PET preform industry.  Experienced machine design engineers, process engineers, PET mold experts, and high end auxiliary equipment suppliers are working closely together here to deliver system with the highest value for our customers.


UPET & UCAP series injection molding machines utilize optimized machine design, and its major components are sourced from leading providers over the world, resulting in highly reliable and  consistent system.